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Kingston Wall - I

1. With My Mind

Where is the witchdoctor
Who drags me from this fear
What will I tell him so I make myself clear

I've got this bad taste in my mouth
And in my soul
I try to taste it,
Just to know what's going on

Some kind of tribulation
Strangles my mind
It makes me wonder
Do I have much more time
Manic depressions
Or just having too much time
With my mind
(end chorus)

I keep on scratching
But the itching won't go
My legs turn red but I will have to go on

And when I come
I find you shining like the sun
I rest my whery head
But you wanna have fun


2. Used to feel before

It seems that there is something,
Something I should know
But I don't want to ask you
Ask you what i'm supposed to do

You say that I don't treat you
That way I used to do before
That I am only running away
Every time when you want me to stay

I wanna love you
Like the sailor loves the sea
I really want to but please let me be
'n' I got so much things on my mind
And you know that I can't waste any time
(end chorus)

I wanna make you feel something
That you used to feel before

I know we've got our problems
But fighting don't make any sense
'n' I don't think that I'm so bad
That you should be so, so sad


3. I'm not the One

Somethings happening all the time
But you don't know what it's all about

"I'm not the one to blame, not the one to blame"
"And I don't think it's fair enough, it's not fair enough"

5. Waste of Time

You don't have to worry
About what you've done
And you don't have to be sorry
Just live for today

Your friends are disappearing
And you feel so disconnected
But there's no use for crying
Just live for today

And it's just a waste of time
If you don't know what's on your mind
And it won't be better
No matter how you try
(end chorus)

There will be a morning
And your fears will be gone
When you wake up laughing
You'll have another day


6. Nepal

I don't know but i've been told
That you are the only soul

Don't you know it hurts me so
Hurts me so to see you go

All the time I was wrong
All the time I was alone

7. And I Hear You Call

I must be out of my mind as I hear you call
My name even though I can't see you anywhere

Surely this feeling is coming from something
Someone gave me yesterday as I searched for you

I must be dreaming a dream of a lunatic
My fingers taste like some strawberry icecream

I hear you call my name but I don't think it's
The same I heard you whisper in my ear

9. (- 16.) Mushrooms

"I can't sing and I can't dance,
but still I know how to clap my hands"

"Something strange in my head
There must be mushrooms in my head"

"C'mon baby let's go to tea
Tea is everything I need"

"Something strange in my head
There must be mushrooms in my head"

10. On My Own

What's the difference
Between you and me
That makes it so hard
To live together in the same flat

'n' what's the use
For fighting
You've got nothing to fight for
And you're only wasting your time

I wanna be
I wanna be on my own

Where have you been
'n' what were you doing
All these stupid questions
Before I go to bed alone

How 'bout tomorrow
Where you gonna be
All these stupid questions
Before I go to bed alone

I wanna be
I wanna be

On my own


Kingston Wall - II

1. We Cannot Move

It's getting dark 'n' all the creatures start to live
We cannot do no more than go 'n' hide in the bin
We cannot move

They rule the kitchen and
there's nothing that can be done
they mess the bedroom
while we're waiting for the sun
we cannot move

The fridge is coming down I hear that sound again
there's food all over the floor
it's all a part of their game
we cannot move

And if we do they'll know
we're hiding in the bin
it's a matter of life 'n' death,
a game we cannot win
we cannot move
no we cannot move!

3. Could It Be So?

Something strange is down there
but we don't know where
it's been lying in peace
waiting for it's release
but that moment will come
long after we are gone
like it did long ago
before we were born

Could it be so that
we have been here before
could it be so that
this all happened before

Ol' man Jacques found that road
in the bottom of the sea
indians wrote 'bout the bombs
that you just have to see
and the huge rocks in Giza
it seemed like they moved
and the pictures in desert
I wonder who drew ...

Ancient wisemen knew things
that we can hardly dream about
builded statues and temples
that can't be pulled down
now we seek for that wisdom
from too far away
wonder 'round with our eyes blind
and think we are there

5. Love Tonight


Ooh, love tonight
ooh, would feel so fine

I got to find someone to love tonight
you know, i've been lately feeling so, so tight
I cannot keep myself together,
I see this world behind a flustering haze
I got to find someone who to give this present
I been saving for all these days
(end chorus)

(repeat chorus once)


Ooh, love tonight
Ooh, would sure unwind

The male in me is giving too much fuzz
it's taking me forwards with all this rush

I cannot keep myself together,
I see this world behind a flustering haze
I got to find someone who to give this present
I been saving for all these days

6. Two Of A Kind

Hey, don't leave me here
I can't stand if you go

And I won't be surprised
when I open my eyes
and I see what it's like
to realize that we're
two of a kind
(End chorus)

No, when will I see you
when will you call, what will I do


The feelings I get when I look to the west
are taking me away but I know it's
something to see, it's something to feel


8. Shine On Me

Shine, shine on me
Shine, shine on me
Shine, shine on me
Shine, shine on me

Can't you see it's all your future
feelings have to be pushed away
can't you see it's just a feeling
Shine, shine on me

See me walking, see me crawling
See my future, see a dead man
See me walking, see me crawling
Shine, shine on me

Shine, shine on me
Shine, shine on me
Shine, shine on me
Shine, shine on me

9. You

Nothing has messed up my head
that much as it did
the last time we tried
how far we could get

how many times have I said
these words before
and we got so much
road to go on

nothing has messed up my head
that much as it does
now when i've got you


Kingston Wall - III - Tri-Logy

Underlined words are tracks on KW I & II
* (One = Van(er)) ... Or What Do You Think?

1. Another piece of cake

You read all headlines of the day n'wonder what
these papers want to say with news that only
take you away from your own thoughts in new taxes to pay

As long as these people don't smile
All these news are just a waste of time
No use for you to hesitate
'cauze in the end you're just another piece of cake

The wounds that bother you in the past
will follow you as long as you let them last
They were all just lessons for today n'if you
don't learn I'm sure they'll come again.

We cannot move forward if we're stuck in this
madness of bringing yesterday in today n'it's all
just a question of putting it all together and taking
it as a lesson for today

No use for you to hesitate
cauz in the end you're just another piece of cake
No don't hesitate ...

And when the King's tone starts to speak
don't fear you're just about to get the key

2. Welcome to the mirrorland

Welcome to the mirrorland where we all
understand the time is now and around is just
memories and premises

So to live now or to live outside the present time
Present, that's nice, when you give you always get
back but when you take...?

The mirrorland
it's got lessons and lessons and prizes in
the mirrorland
it's got history and it's got his story
in the mirrorland

As we pile now the things we used to feel before we
get close to his presence who tells where to go
it's that first sound you get before you think
about it at all
After that comes the one* that's reduced and it's

Could it be so that all the answers are there
all it takes is the peace to hear what it says

3. I'm the King, I'm the Sun

Every morning the Sun goes up n' tells you :
"Just do it boy,
No matter what you're up to
I'm telling you just do it boy"

"I'll take care o' things up here
so you don't take the other way
I'm your captain relief, I give light
and I let you play"

"When I hear you giving the weep:
shine on me I won't compromize
Praying won't take you that deep
you need real eyes to realize:

It's that smile on your face
that gives space and I hear you call

I'll give light in your eyes, make you shine, take you
to your goal"

Could it be so, that all the answers are there

all it takes is the pace to hear what it says

"Circumstances are something you just can't
avoid but it's that first step you take and you're
on your way, boy
It's a question of faith will you keep going on
I'll give light on your way,
I'm the King, I'm the Sun"

"It's all just laws of nature, anyway
yours,his as mine"

"Smile go on and smile"

4. The key: will

In the mirrorland there's doors with locks,
prejudgement, the key to every lock is your own
will in the mirrorland

5. Take you to sweet harmony

Take you to sweet harmony [topic in cd cover]

As I hear you complain 'bout your life makes me
wonder if you'll get love tonight
You have chosen everything, I say all the time
you had the alternate way
Everything's wrapped together it seems all the
rights and responsibilities
It's just a matter of your own attitude
If you feel allright, I know you look cute

Everything is so fine it could be
don't let your mind take you in misery
all the feelings you're not so much pleased
they're just to take you to sweet harmony

6. Get rid of your fears

In the mirrorland,
the only way to get rid of your fears is to face
them precisely as they are in your own
in the mirrorland
every word you say is about yourSELF
in the mirrorland
there's always two in one* in everyone
in the mirrorland

7. When something old dies

Empty faces surrounded with hairdresses wondering
'round with hard thoughts in their minds, I wonder why
can't see their lives as a big fantasy that gives a
chance to see everything
as we know it's all there just do anything
pick up your first thought and take that adventure
I'm sure you'll be much happier than if you're stuck
with the idea of doing what you're expected to

Everyone is a star in their movie
It can be made so boring or groovy
It's about time we all realize
something new bornS when something old dieS

8. Alt-Land-Is

Long time ago, before the iceage, people lived in
perfect harmony with the nature in a system that didn't
give possibility for overpopulation.
As the aksel of the planet ( plan - et ) was in its right
position, straight, all the planet was under stable
tropical climate. So was also Odenmaa at the northpole.

There lived the Arsers who held the highest knowledge
on eart with the ROT (root) - language. Outside
Odenmaa lived the vaners in their ringlands.

Everybody paid respect to Per who due to the
breeding-system was the allfather of all mankind
(everyone is a PER-SON)
Over 50 milj. 10000 years ago the aksel of the planet
shifted and caused the iceage when the ringlands
outside were covered by ice, a period called


As the Gulfstream came to heat south-Finland,
Odenmaa remained clear of ice and the Arsers learned
a new way of life.

Agriculture and new animal species were created for
staying alive for 50 milj. years surrounded by huge
As the ice started to melt and drown the Odenmaa the
very few of them left took pairs of the animals with
them and sailed trhough a passage way melted by the
stream to Bockland, an island outside of Sweden, later
named Goatland (Gotland).

After staying there for a thousand years the Arsers
headed back to Odenmaa except SVEN and DAN
who went to Sweden and Denmark to rehabite the

During ALTLANDIS the Vaners developed into ten
different races, mythilogies and languages outside the

The Arsers lived in Odenmaa again till the year 1050
when the crusader army sent by the Pope
destructed Odenmaa and created a new information
system based on the written word, not spoken as it
used to be.

This is a tiny part of a story that takes 20 years to tell
two hours a day brought to us family tradition by
the last Aser since 1984, according to the saga
10 000 years after the end of the iceage.

9. Party Goes On

Yesterday was such a fine day for me to live
Yesterday everything was in my head in one* piece (peace)
I had my time to lie down and just to wonder 'round
I had my time to go into the system of sounds
and I think it over

No one* can keep this time from running out
No one* can keep this time from running out
it's meant to be wasted (tasted) the party goes on

One* day I'll finish everything that I have begun
one* day I'll explain, Oh yes, and you will
understand (stand under ?)
work now and rest later, rest now and work later on?
one* day is someday but now I will have to go on
before it's over

"Life is a party isn't it my friend
or what do you think?
Are we here just fooling each other or
are we giving good entertainment for each other
what do you think ?

It's a big, big, big adventure and it's getting to be so
groovy, just lay it all out.
It's all there you know, it's hiding inside of you and if
you are keeping it hidden there...or what do you think

And we're all in it together so don't spoil it with your
stupid atmosphere..
and you're the only one* to blame you know
.. or what do you think .... or do you stink?"

In the mirrorland

The word is the game and the game is the word
the word is the sword to make the worlds law

the s in the word makes the word a sword
and the S in the sword makes the world fall

the word with the s makes the wordsorder
to use the wordsword in the s-order

the L in the word makes the worldsorder
cauze the L is the law from the wordholder

the law of the s makes the word a sword
the sword without the s makes the worldwar

10. Stüldt Håjt

As the round comes to an end we go around it again
till we've got no need to pretend
you'll find an endless space in there and it's in every
word you say
still the main things to be aware of


If seriousness comes along
there is always for you this song
to take you back as you're going wrong
If we cannot move I'm sure
it's because it's all so new
still the oldest just new for you

It's because it's all so new
and still the oldest just new for you

"The Finnish mythollogy includes a masterkey to the
understanding of the uni-verse and all myths:

A system of 29 sounds with own meanings based on
the ROT(root)-language, the first language
in his story of mankind
But as it's completely rational, don't forget

[note: the 29 sound system is printed in the CD cover]

11. For all mankind

"We all know this world's going through
some big changes,
it gets to the point where all phenomenons seem
crazy and people start looking for ways to live
outside from the system that makes them all so blind.

Some try to find new fields to explore from outside
their heads, some go in there and find that the
richness of life is so easy to multiply,

just by throwing away all the thoughts that keep us
from learning to now the personality, that lives inside
us and tries to come out,

but facing it is the key to unwind from closing yourself
as the surroundings provide."

Look out world it's time to die
No more crying with my mind

Some of us have seen the sign
the promise of a balanced time

When we'll sing no lullabies
and all of us have got real eyes

"The shamen seeds for all mankind"

One* day we will say goodbye
to all of them who live the time

nomore need to compromize
nomore questions: "tell me why"

balanced heart needs no disguise
but shamen seeds for all mankind

"The shamen seeds for all mankind"

12. Time

Now you've learned about it
now you'll just have to bear
There's something it for everyone*
just pick up what you please
cauze you know sometimes it seems
things could go so much better
and I can't help it, I'd really like to see
the day when no one* gets jealous, greedy, cruel
or unhappy, bored fucked up or ruined, wimpy,
sad, mislead or fooled
we've got to face it, it's

Time to grow, time to know
time to see in what we believe
as the time goes by, we'll know that it was on our side
but come to understand (stand under?) the time
and you'll realize it's in your mind

One* day we're all gonna laugh about it
about how easy we are to rule
to take our innerselves away from us
and knock, knock, knocking it on up there
where we are, blinded with faith in something called
"the only truth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!???"
no, I can't buy it, I mean how can I believe
when I see people get jealous, greedy, cruel and
unhappy, bored, fucked up and ruined, wimpy, sad,
mislead and fooled

we've got to face it..

13. The real thing

She walks down the stairs
with dignity and no rush at all
Her appearance makes you gasp'n'stare,
her presence makes you feel like you'd crawl
She takes a look around the place
makes the other ladies feel disgraced

She takes a drink and stands
you just can't take your eyes of her bigure,
she laughs with her friend who ain't a man
now you're getting so, so eager
it's time to try your luck again
but remember what I say

It's gotta be the real thing
for that lady
she ain't here for any faking

You tell her something sweet for starters
already you know it didn't sound too good
You start to dream about her caress 'n'
try so hard to get her hooked
you proove yourself but she looks away
remember what I said

It's gotta be the real thing
for that lady
she ain't here for any faking

The Lady, you know she is the earth
understand and she'll make it worth

she's the swan (s-van) where we all come from
the most beautiful and healthy one*

give the Lady but be sincere
she'll give you much of what you need

take her as a self-evidence
you know she'll slap you in your face

and as the gardeners of this plan (-et)
I think by now we all understand (stand under?)

The two of a kind they need a rest
remember what I said:

It's gotta be the real (reel) thing...


Other tracks

Have You Seen the Pyg-mies?
(from "Stüldt Håjt" single, re-released on Tri-logy reissue bonus CD)

I try to walk across the fields to touch the trees behind it
Something made me go there and while I just had to find it
The ground was very sinking so I figured I'd lay down
I closed my eyes and felt the mud
Right under my back bone

A toad with such a smell it woke me up and asked me friendly:
Have you seen the sandman, see I haven't slept for ten days
- "No I haven't seen him, but have you asked the pyg-mies?
They gave me herbs to cure me out, now I see some weird things .."

Let's go see the tiny folks when the moon is shining
Meet you there across the drain, I think I must be dying
"Have you touched the trees across the fields?", they were all smiling
- "Go back there and touch the trees, if you still can find there .."


I'm not the one
by:kingston wall
tablature by:Walli


main riff

after every singing part,play this, and then the main riff.

77777-5--7-5---5-----g x2


the two middle things

just before the drum fill and the solo play the first middle thing three times!

I strongly suggest you improvise the solo from A pentatonic scale (Walli also uses the minor
scale in the solo)

happy jamming!


And I hear you call
by:Kingston Wall
tablature by: Walli

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- e
-------2--5--2^5^2-----6--3^6^3-----5--2^5^2----------------------------------------- h
2--2^3-------------2------------3------------3--------------------------------------- g
2------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ d
0------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ a
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- e

välijuttu 1
5-5-4-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- e
-------6-5-----6-5------------------------------------------------------------------- h
------------7-------7--6^7^6--------------------------------------------------------- g
------------------------------8-------7-7-6------------------------------------------ d
---------------------------------------------8-7-5---8-7-5---4^5^4------------------- a
--------------------------------------------------------------------6---------------- e

ennen laulamisen alkua
9-10-9------------------------------------------------------------------------------- e
--------11-10-8---10---------10------------------------------------------------------ h
6--7-6------------------7-9---------------------------------------------------------- g
---------8--7-5----7----------7------------------------------------------------------ d
------------------------5-7---------------------------------------------------------- a
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- e

------9-10-9-10--13-12-10---9^10^9--------------------------------------------------- e
10-11------------------------------11------------------------------------------------ h
------6--7-6--7--10--9--7---6--7-6--------------------------------------------------- g
-7--8-------------------------------8------------------------------------------------ d
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- e

kertosäe (toista ties kuinka monta kertaa)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- e
8-888-7------------------------------------------------------------------------------ h
9-999-7------------------------------------------------------------------------------ g
7-777-7------------------------------------------------------------------------------ d
0-000-0------------------------------------------------------------------------------ a
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- e
nouseva juttu (2.06)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- e
5--7-----9--------------------------------------------------------------------------- h
------7------------------------------------------------------------------------------ g
2--4-----6--------------------------------------------------------------------------- d
------5------------------------------------------------------------------------------ a
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- e

välijuttu 2
5-5-4-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- e
-------6-5-----6-5------------------------------------------------------------------- h
------------7-------7--6^7^6------------6-9------------------------------------------ g
------------------------------8----7-8-------7-8--5-7----7--------------------------- d
-------------------------------------------------------7----------------------------- a
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- e


Kingston Wall - Tanya
From the album 'I'

tune down 1/2 step
lead guitar played with mild distortion and delay effect.





jump to spot (1) and repeat

ending (3:20):